Community Pack

We rely on our community and any surrounding communities’ support to be able to reach our goals and complete our initiatives.
Check out our amazing community pack; we couldn’t do this without them!

Muskoka Natural Food Market & Downtown Storage

Supply drop off location

We are so grateful for the support of Muskoka Natural Food Market and Downtown Storage in donating to us one of their indoor/climatized storage units to use for our supplies – every WEDNESDAY the community is able to drop off donations/supplies that we are in need of from 9am to 6pm.
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Bracebridge & Huntsville Animal Hospital

Dr. Jason McLeod and Team

Veterinary care is important not only for our potential furever families, but the dogs that come into our care. We are so grateful for the support of Bracebridge Animal Hospital & Huntsville Animal Hospital, to ensure our dogs receive the best health care.

Pivotal Change & Positively Obedient Canines

Sparky Smith & Rosemary Holtz and Team

Training is a positive experience for any dog and human. The bond created during training strengthens the relationship and communication between you and your dog. There are many different styles of training and behaviour assistance programs. We appreciate the assistance and insight from Pivotal Change and Positively Obedient Canines, to ensure our dogs have a positive start to their new life, as well as assist our fosters and potential adopters.

SG Supply Crew – Pet Accessories

It is important that we ensure our collars are always up to date and in good condition, to avoid breakage when a dog is wearing them. We are so grateful for SG Supply Crew, for making us collars of all sizes for our dogs. These collars are light weight which is great for dogs that have not warn collars before and need to adjust to them. They dry quickly, so washing is convenient!

Bone & Arrow

Bone & Arrow is a Muskoka offering handmade products for pet owners who appreciate fashionable, sustainable and conscious pet accessories – quality recycled fabrics.

$1 from each purchase with Bone & Arrow goes directly to Paws of the North’s dogs and initiatives. Many of our alumni sport these fashionable collars and leashes.

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