Adopting a rescue dog is an amazing experience and you gain an amazing new member of your family. Rescue dogs have a story, they come with baggage; this is not something we try to dwell on, but we have all been through experiences that make us who we are. You meet people everyday that have a story and you accept them for who they are. This is our expectation with the families that we adopt to. We expect you to work with the dog that you are choosing to commit to; whether they are unique challenges or just providing them with a lifestyle that fits the working breeds needs.

Our ultimate goal is to find the perfect match FURever home for the dogs in our care. Our process is carefully thought out in order to put the dogs’ best interest first.

Northern Rescue dogs are different from other rescue dogs. Please consider all the aspects of bringing these dogs into your family: financial stability, training, lifestyle etc.)


1.) When you see a dog that you feel would be a perfect match, click on the photo to read bio thoroughly and SEND IN APPLICATION
2.) If your application is selected and approved, we will contact you regarding next steps:
*Required information – references, veterinary background check, CURRENT photos & videos of home, property & surrounding area. ***timeline of when you would be contacted depends on the dog, and you can keep an eye on our website or social media for updates.
3.) Virtual meeting is conducted with the final applicants; ****Please be ready to welcome the dog into your home within 72 hours of virtual meeting
4.) Final meeting is conducted in person in Muskoka with entire family, current dogs in home and prospective dog.

Paws of the North Rescue does NOT ask for an adoption fee at the time of Adoption. We do not feel it is right to ask for a fee for the dogs we are assisting the communities we support in finding the right home. Our efforts and funds are raised by fundraisers and donations. We ask the furever family to make a minimum donation to their new family member, and we will provide a tax receipt like any other donation given and is greatly appreciated.

– families with children under the age of 10 are considered on an individual basis
– all Paws of the North Rescue dogs over 6 months of age will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption. If the puppy younger or health concern delays the surgery, and adopted out prior too, you will be under contractual agreement to complete the surgery under your financial commitment, and proof will be required upon completion – under specified timeline
– all Paws of the North Rescues dogs are required to attend professional training. Degree will vary based on the dog. Proof of registration from a reputable trainer, will be required prior to completion of adoption and proof of completion will be required under specified timeline
– all Paws of the North Rescue Dogs are vetted with proper vaccinations and parasite treatments (up to when adopted). Any other health issues are addressed and needs are met.
– we will request references, veterinary background check, proof of financial and job security
– under contract, if an adoption does not workout for whatever reason, the dog must be returned to Paws of the North Rescue – never sold, euthanized (for non-vet recommended reason)or given away

Adoptable Dogs

Click on the photo to read their specific biography & see available application

Adopting a dog is lifetime commitment that our team ensures that all responsibility and understanding of what is involved is taken into consideration prior to an adoption being approved.

Please answer ALL QUESTIONS with all requested information. We will NOT process an application we feel is not filled out adequately or has left some questions unanswered.

* all information provided is kept in strict privacy; must be 21 years or older

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