~5 yrs old | Husky X | MALE (neutered)

Hey there! Then name’s Aspen. I know I know, I look like a wolf, I look like a coyote. Trust me the jokes old and I’ve heard it all. What I am, is a medium size, gentle, chill and adventure bound GOOD BOY! I’m happy to meet everyone, and am known by my foster dad as “Calm, Cool & Collected”.

I’ve spend some time in the southern-north as well as the city life, and I’m pretty cool with it all. I walk nicely on leash, but sometimes I try and tell foster dad where we should go, and he reminds me that he knows the best routes and redirects me where to go. Because I’m so laid back, I don’t fight it. I love my long adventure walks, and don’t even mind doing a little jogging or running too! Remember though, when its hot, early mornings and late evenings are best.

I’m actually quite a cuddle bug! Putting a good movie on? sounds like a plan to me! I’ll cuddle up with you on the couch and apologies if I snore! Speaking of the house, I’m comfortable chilling at home. I never have accidents and am very quiet. I sleep in my crate at night as well as some time during the day to ensure I don’t develop any separation anxiety. Sometimes I try and test Foster Dad if he will let me sleep out of the crate, but I understand its best for me to sleep in my cuddly bed in there. I’m pretty quiet once I’m in too.

I love going for drives; I’m a good copilot! I’ve been on long drives and short drives, and I’m not phased by either. Foster dad ensures I’m secured in the car though so I don’t jump out too fast.

I don’t mind other dogs, but not really interested in playing too much. I lived with 3 and we all just hung out together. I haven’t met those cat things or little humans. I’m prefer a calm lifestyle so I’d prefer some older little humans.

Overall, I’m a happy guy just looking for a furever family to have some PAWsome adventures with, and serious cuddling on the couch. Hope to hear from you soon – ASPEN