~8 year old | BEAGLE | MALE (neutered)

Hey there everyone! The mayor of Moosonee here aka BENTLEY! I know what you’re thinking, who the heck is this northern dog, but I’ll tell ya, I’ve lived in the north for all 8 years of my life! And like mature gentleman, it’s time to retire in the sunny south!

Where to begin, I’m as chill as they get, except when I see one of them squirrels. Boy do I love to try and chase them. Otherwise, not a lot phases me. I live with two little humans and one of them cat things. We don’t really pay attention to each other. But I love going on adventures with the little humans and foster mama.
I’m getting better with this whole rope/leash thing they got going on. I’m not really used to that where I come from, but hey, you CAN teach a MATURE dog new tricks! But walks sure are fun, and I can go for long time!

My other favorite past time is sleeping. Yup, this guy loves his naps. Excuse me though, I do snore. I go into my crate on my own now, and don’t even make a peep.
I sometimes makes some crying noises when my foster family leaves me, or comes back because I’m super excited to see them. Both times I calm down fast because I realize its time for another nap.

I have a BIG heart! Yes, I’m super kind and gentle, but literally I have a bigger heart. I got my first check up this week, and the nice lady told me I had to get some pictures of my heart. Once they were developed, it showed that one side of my heart is bigger. Because I’m a nice guy I know! We don’t know if I’ve had this from birth, or if it is something that has come on with my mature years, but Doc says I’m still healthy, and just have to keep an eye on the old tinker.

Wow, this story telling is quite tiring, I think I’m ready for my mid-morning nap. Can’t wait to hear from my retirement furever family soon!