~2 yrs old | Husky X | MALE (neutered)
DOGS – OK | CATS – UNKNOWN | KIDS – Over 10 years old

Hello everyone! I know you have seen me around lately, but my name is BIRCH! I’m a sweet but shy boy, looking for a furever family that will let me take the time I need to adjust and get to know them, and help me continue to be confident! I also need a big surgery soon, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Let’s talk about the good stuff!

I’m a super chill guy a pretty quiet! When I first came to my foster parent’s house, I was kinda chatty because I was nervous. After a few days they haven’t heard a peep out of me! I’ve never had an accident in the house and I have very good manners.

I love my morning walk/hikes. My foster parents say I need to go for at least a 45 min walk in the morning to do my business and get out my morning energy. I then lounge around the house during the day unless we have any adventures planned, and of course head out for another good long walk in the evening! I walk really well on leash, hardly any pulling, except when I see some chippies or squirrelies! I would like to chase them!

I sleep in my crate during the night and practice quiet time during the day. I wasn’t too sure about the whole crate thing when I first joined the rescue pack, but now I really like it because it’s my safe place to relax, even though I need some leading and coaxing in. I do have a bit of separation anxiety, so the crate is a safe spot for me so I don’t become destructive. I do enjoy the crate covered and spa music to calm me.

I’ve met a few dogs when I first came in the rescue pack and I see some on my walks. I’m very sweet and a little timid so I don’t really play yet, but I don’t lunge or bark when I see them on leash. Just a tail wag and on our way we go. I haven’t met any cats, so not sure what to say there. Small humans, I’m really interested in and like kids, but on a full time basis I don’t really want a home with really young children. I’m very timid and need a home that’s going to continue to build my confidence. I’m okay with seeing kids and letting them pet me when they I’m comfortable.

I do prefer women over men. It takes me a little longer to get used to men when I meet them, it’s best sometimes to just let me approach you and sniff you before greeting me. Once I get to know you and feel comfortable, I love snuggles and belly rubs!!!!

I’m a very good boy in the car and boat! Love that wind in my face! I’m not super interested in toys, but have found a few balls and tug of war to be a fun game! Maybe one day I’ll like more!

Now, I do have a birth defect that requires some surgery called Patella Luxation. This surgery is to fix this degenerative problem so I can live a completely normal life, in case I’m in any pain or discomfort right now. This surgery is going to be in a couple months, but I really want to find my furever family first so I can recover with them when I’m done!
Looking forward to hearing from you!!

*****Birch’s surgery is booked for November 5 and will be taking place with our rescue’s surgeon Dr. Jason McLeod at Huntsville Animal Hospital. This is non-negotiable in the adoption contract, as the surgery will be paid for by the rescue. Any veterinary care outside of the surgery will be up to the adopters, post adoption.