~1 yr old | HUSKY X | MALE (neutered)

Well good day to you all! Pleasure to meet you, I’m Chase! Yup, I’ve been known to chase a few things like squirrels, other dogs, all in good fun!

I’m a pretty happy little fella (ya I’m on the shorter side), but I’d like to think I’m mighty! I came to the rescue pack a little shy with meeting people, but I’m doing much better with that. I would do better in a family with some older little humans, because I can sometimes be timid. Once I know you, it’s all good, we can be best friends!

Dogs?! heck yes! I’m your playmate! I’ll chase you, jump over you, all the fun things! I’m very social and polite. Although, if you bark at me, I’ll bark at you!

I love the great outdoors! I’m good on walks, getting better with the leash, but always room for improvement! I like going in cars and boats, but always best to have a leash on me and tied up so I don’t run out on you.

Foster mama says I have cute, goofy personality! I love human attention more than anything, so best to remember to give me lots of space and crate time in my new home so I don’t develop separation anxiety. Oh ya, I’m good in my crate too! At first I didn’t like it, but then I realized how cozy it is and I can even bring a bone in it!

I know where to do my business, and it’s never been in the house! No way! That stuff is for outside. I’ll let you know with a little whine at the door when nature is calling. I also have good table manners. I get a treat for being a good boy and waiting away from foster mom and dad when they are eating.

Well the dock is calling my name as there are some squirrels hanging around there. Looking forward to hearing from you! – CHASE