9 month old | Shep/Husky X | MALE (neutered)
(DOGS – OK | CATS – UNKNOWN | KIDS – 7 years +)

See this smiling boy here, its me, CYPRESS! I’m your always happy, goofy teenage boy who LOVES everyone! And I mean LOVES! I’m learning to control my affection because sometimes it can be a bit overbearing Foster Mom says, so we are working on calm and patience.
I’m a really good boy! I adjusted into my foster home like I lived there all my life! I don’t have any accidents in the house, not even lifted my leg once!

We are working on my leash training as I’m so excited about walks! Sometimes if I see a dog I bark and whine. The odd loud truck I’ve been curious out and may pull, but foster mom is teaching me to listen to her when I see them, and not pay attention. It’s coming along because I’m super smart! I’ve been to markets and other social settings and have behaved really well, even with other dogs around!

Speaking of, I REALLY REALLY love other dogs! I need to work on my social manners though, because I come off a little strong! I just love to play! A good walk to tire me out before a play date is always good!
I’m a good boy in the car! I love to smell all the smells out the window! Foster mom ensures that I’m secure in the car so I don’t dash out the door.

I sleep well in my crate at night, and spend sometime in it during the day. Foster mom and family ensure that they don’t give me a lot of attention in the house so I don’t develop separation anxiety. I’m pretty independent and love some time lounging with my bone. I do need a good long walk in the morning after I wake up, as I’m still a pup and have some energy to burn! I also love a good game of fetch! I’m not a big swimmer but have definitely cooled off in the water. Foster mom swims and I am a good boy tied up and usually sleep while she’s swimming!

I’m still a pup so I sometimes forget what’s my toys. I need to be reminded sometimes but overall I haven’t been chewing anything; just my bone of course!! Alright furever family, this boy is ready for ya! – CYPRESS