12 Weeks Old | HUSKY/SHEP X | MALE
(Dogs – OK | Cats – UNKNOWN | Kids – over 7 years old)

Hello World! I know you’ve heard my name before, but have you seen this good looking face before! Probably not, because last time you saw me….let’s just say I wasn’t feeling my best with Demodectic Mange. But don’t you worry, this guy has made a full recovery, well besides my coat, but that is the surprise we are all waiting for! What my beautiful coat will look like.
Also, my foster mom doesn’t know who my mom or dad are, so it’s going to be a surprise of how big I will get!

Anyways let’s chat more about what I’m looking for in my furever family!  I’m a spirited little fella that loves to explore outside and adventure! I’m very confident with meeting new people and dogs. It’s important that my furever family keeps up with my socializing. I don’t know those cat things though or little humans.

I love being outside and doing activities! I have even went in a canoe!!!! I walk well on my leash with confidence and have been going for lots of little walks to build up my endurance with my foster mama! I love playing with all toys – bones, balls, sticks, chew toys you name it! Foster mama practices taking away my toys/food from me so I know how to share nicely; my furever family should continue to do this so I don’t develop any guarding issues. I like my treats so I’m easy to train!!! I already know SIT, STAY & CALM! Smart guy eh?

I’m a good boy in my crate and actually enjoy my quiet time during the day. Sometimes when I’m being a little crazy, foster mama knows I’m tired and she puts me in my crate and I go right to sleep for a little nap. I also sleep pretty much through the night now! I’m still a puppy so house training and going to the bathroom in the night is still something that I need consistency with.

I’m excited to find a furever family that is going to continue to work with me to be the best boy I can be!