1 year (3 months) | Husky/Shep X | Female
Adoption Requests
home with a dog | no cats | kids over 13 |
training to work on my shyness | at least one adopter must work from home or minimal hours away from home

UPDATE – I have been hiking on a long leash and love it! I have even been to the dog park (with a long leash on and my foster parents ensure there are only a few dogs there so its okay with my leash). I am becoming so playful and curious! I finally feel comfortable to let my true personality shine!

I can also go in the secured backyard without a leash & I have been biking!!!!


Hi there people. My name is Fate. I am a Christmas baby, born just over a year ago in Northern Ontario. It’s been a bit of a tough go the past year, but I’ve really been shown a new life here in the south, and I think I really like it.

I became a mom this past November, and had 8 beautiful pups. 4 of which, you have been introduced to: Hogan, Emily, Pebbles & Bam Bam. We all unfortunately had demodectic mange. I actually got it from my momma. It is NOT contagious, it is spread from mom to babies, so no need to be scared of me or my babies.
I was known as quite the marathon runner in the north, and even thought I’d show of my skills here in the south. I’m also a high jumper too! Olympics here I come!
For this, I do have to be on a leash at all times, even in a fenced in area. It’s okay though I’m getting used to it.
Unfortunately, I didn’t eat a balanced diet, so the nice man I met told me I had to put on a bit of weight, which I have!
I’ve got a really beautiful coat, that needs to be brushed often. I kind of let it get out of hand a bit up north, but it’s cleaning up nice now. I was a new mom! My appearance was the last thing on my mind!

I’m still pretty shy meeting new people, and loud noises, but I’m getting better. For this I’m not really keen on children. I would really like a nice quiet home. I’m not mean at all, I just need to make sure you’re nice. I really like meeting other dogs and playing. I have lots of good playing skills.

I lived in the great outdoors, so this whole house thing is a little getting used to. My comfy blanket is my favourite. I’m a little scared of my crate though when my foster family leaves me in it. I’m getting better, but I still need some time warming up this whole idea. I love toys and bones! It’s fun to actually be a puppy now!

My foster family says I’m am just super sweet and kind. “blush”……..I’m very gentle and am loving a cuddles lately.
Well here goes nothing, I hope I can find my perfect furever pack!