~8 weeks old | Husky X | FEMALE
Dogs – OK | Cats – OK | Kids – over 5 years old

Hello!! I’m Miska! The little bear! No no I’m a little puppy but my teeth are sharp like a baby bear’s right now! I’m the sweetest little girl and very smart! It’ll be a surprise as to how big I’m going to be, as my foster family doesn’t know who my parents are.

I sleep in my crate all night long, and even go in for my naps/crate time during the day without much of a fuss. My foster family will tell me to “shhhh” or “no” if I whimper to see if anyone will let me out to play!
I play with my toys and bone during the day, and my foster siblings! I’m independent too which is good to keep practicing and letting me play on my own so I don’t develop separation anxiety.

I live with two dogs and two cats! I love my dog foster siblings but sometimes I’m very unsure of meeting new dogs, it’s best that I have slow introductions to keep me confident! My cat foster siblings, I would love to play with, but they don’t let me do that. I’ve met some little humans, but as I’m still a baby and need a lot of attention, it’s best there not be any other babies.

Walking on my leash, I’m pretty confident with! My foster sister & brother have shown me how do it and its pretty fun! You get to smell lots of cool things and go fun places! Oh and I almost know that I need to do my business outside. Once I go outside, I do it right away! But I’m still a baby and need to be reminded.

I’m good at sharing my food and toys, which is something that my furever family so keep working on so I don’t get greedy!

I’m looking for a furever family who will help me stay confident and happy, take me on adventures, and finish the day with a snuggle!