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(DOGS – OK | CATS – OK | KIDS – over 13 years of age

*****Medical Alert – Congenital MegaEsophagus

Hello! It’s me NANUK! If you haven’t heard about me yet, then you better take a moment to refresh yourself on our social media pages! I’m a special boy that joined the rescue pack with fractured toes. I have spent 4 weeks in a splint and just got some new pictures of them and they look great and have healed well. I have to wear a bandage for one more week then I’m a free man!

A special thing about me is I was born with a funny esophagus! It’s too big – called Megaesophagus. When I eat and drink, the food and water sometimes comes back up. My Dr. and Foster Mama have worked hard to get me to a point where I can eat almost normally with the help of my meds and sitting like a Good Boy after eating and drinking. I might grow out of this but I may never, and my furever family as to accept this and understand the commitment, financially to my meds, special food and most importantly time. I require at least one furever parent to work from home/take me to work/or only leave the house for a few hours at a time as water cannot be left on the ground for me to drink. I also require prepared meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and need to sit for a bit afterwards. Because I require a greater time commitment, it would be best that my family have more independent younger humans (if any), as I need to be the baby of the family.

With all this, I am a true a puppy! I am smart, loving and adventurous! I love going for walks, and am building my endurance on this and can’t wait until one day to go for nice long hikes! The snow right now is especially fun to play in! I walk pretty well on my leash, but sometimes get too excited and need to be properly lead.

I have slept through the night in my crate since I was 8 weeks old! Not one accident! I know when it’s bedtime for my pack and go into my crate right away. I have quiet time in it throughout the day when foster mama has to do some work.

I love my foster pack!!! I live with 3 dogs and have met many more! I absolutely love to play and feel I would do really well with another dog in the home (but understanding my financial commitment with two dogs). My older foster pack dogs have taught me lots when it comes to proper socializing and being respectful.

Well I know that my special furever family is out there, that understands who I am and what I need in life! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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