~9 weeks old | Terrier/Husky X | FEMALE
Dogs – OK | Cats – UNKNOWN | Kids – over 5 years old

Hi world! My name is PEARL! I’m a very sweet and VERY SMART pup that has mastered so many things in my little life so far! I love to learn and do well, and am always up for an adventure. I’m a smaller pup, but since my rescue pack doesn’t know who my mom and dad are, it’s going to be a surprise as to how big I grow up to be!

I sleep in my crate all night long, and even go in for my naps/crate time during the day without a fuss. I know when I wake up that there will be fun things going on to look forward to!
I play with my toys and bone during the day. I’m independent which is good to keep practicing and letting me play on my own so I don’t develop separation anxiety. I do like to play with my foster sister too! Sometimes we wrestle!

Walking on my leash, I’m pretty confident with! My foster sister has shown me how do it and its pretty fun! You get to smell lots of cool things and go fun places! Oh and I almost know that I need to do my business outside. Yuck, I do not want to do that inside the house, but the odd time I still have a little accident as I’m still learning.

I like to go for car rides and I’ve been meeting some nice humans! I haven’t met any cats or little humans though.
I would love to find my furever family soon so I can keep going on fun adventures!