~2 year old | TERRIER X | FEMALE (spayed)
(Dogs – OK | Cats – Unknown | Kids – over 7 years of age)

Oh hi there! I’m Poppy! I know I look a little different from all my northern pack members but I’m still a northern girl!

I’m the sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet! I’m a little shy and timid meeting new people but my foster family has been helping me become brave and confident with myself!

I sleep in a crate at night and also have some quiet time during the day. My furever family should continue practice giving me alone time and minimal attention in the beginning so I don’t develop separation anxiety. I’m quiet and sleep through the whole night! I’m also a good girl and do all my business outside. I’m to pretty to make any messes! 

I love being outside and chasing a ball! I’m really good at this game called fetch! I’m a polite, social girl with other dogs, as I live with 2 right now! I love playing with them!

Not too sure on the whole toy thing yet, and sometimes what I think is a toy happens not to be! Geeesh! Foster mama corrects me with an actual toy to chew and I’m happy! 

I’m starting to walk well on leash but still need some training. I really love my walks! My foster mama says I should get at least two good long walks a day at least. I’m still a pup remember!

I haven’t met cats yet but i do like squirrels!! Are they the same?! I’m not too sure about really young humans as fast movements really scare me. I need a home to build my confidence and make me feel safe & secure. 

Oh I almost forgot to tell you the most important things! I love belly rubs and chin scratches, so if you want to cuddle and give me that……sign me up!

Thank you for reading and I hope my furever family reaches out soon!!