12 weeks old | Husky/Shep X | MALE
(DOGS – OK | CATS – UNKNOWN | KIDS – 7 years & older

What’s shakin humans!? I’m a goofy, energetic, full of life pup! Who knew that I was so sick when I first joined my rescue pack! My brother and I both had demodectic mange, and are now very healthy boy looking for our furever home!

My foster mama doesn’t know my parents, so it’s going to be a surprise what I will look like when my coat comes back and how big I will get! Also, this week my ears changed, I like this new style.
Alright on to the all the details about me:

I love love love to be outside! Playing with my ball, running around the yard, or going for a walk are all my favorite things. I walk super duper well on my leash. I’m very confident and enjoy meeting new people, dogs. you name it! Adventuring outside gets out all my energy so I sleep through the night.

I sleep in my crate at night and during the day for some quiet time when foster mama is working. I go into it all on my own when I get a treat. It’s good for my furever family to continue giving me quiet time during the day so I can continue to be independent and not develop separation anxiety.

My foster mama says I’m super duper smart and have been working on some commands. I still need some practice time but I’ve been learning SIT, LIE DOWN, OFF, COME & STAY!! I’m getting better at house training, but need consistency here and because I’m still a young pup I need to be reminded to go outside. 
I’m a nice boy too and have no problem sharing my toys, bones or food. But my furever family should continue to work on this with me. I’m a puppy though and sometimes forget that your arm or hand is not my toy and have to be reminded to chew on my toy!!!

Well, here we go folks! Excited to hear from my furever family soon!