~2 year old | HUSKY X | FEMALE (spayed)
(Dogs – OK | Cats – Unknown | Kids – over 10 years of age)

Hello world! My name is Sky! I’m a sweet but shy girl that needs a confident, experienced family that will lead me to success and help me continue to thrive.

When I first came into the rescue pack, I was pretty scared and went for a bit of a run to clear my head, hey it’s what I’m used to doing. When I was running I realized I like my foster family and made my way back. It’s important that my furever family keeps a leash on me indoors and outdoors for at least a month, and to watch me around doors and windows.

I actually really like my crate! It’s my safe place. I eat my food there and chew my bones. I sleep through the night and even during the day when my foster mama has to go to work for a bit. Foster mama gives me a treat when she’s home because I’m such a good girl!

I’m hesitant at first to meet new people and dogs, but after a slow, confident introduction my anxiety calms. Training and leadership in the family will continue to help me feel better about this.
Once I feel better, I love getting some cuddles and even like a good play session with dogs! I’ve been hanging out with an alumni and we have fun together! I haven’t met those cat things yet, but I do like squirrels and all other running animals, so they might not be the best mix for me.
I have met some little humans, and I’m very calm and gentle with them, when they are quiet with me. A home with older kids would be better for me as I get worried about fast movements and loud noises.

I don’t really know basic commands yet but I’m a very smart girl so it won’t take me too long with some tasty treats! I also do my business outside!

I really hope to find a family that will help me through these initial anxieties as I’m truly a very sweet and loving girl, that just wants to feel confident.