~8 months old | HUSKY X | FEMALE
(Dogs – OK | Cats – Unknown | Kids – over 10 years of age)

Hey hey hey!! I’m Solstice!! I’m a fun, loving, quirky, mischievous and sweet little gal! I’m super smart but never really got training as a young pupper, so I’m still working on some puppy bad habits. I need a furever family that is going to be super patient with me and understand that I’m still a puppy!

I’m super athletic and would love an active family! My foster family takes me for a good long (at least an hour) walk in the morning, and then we go for fun adventures like hikes and check out funny looking animals! Followed by little walks around the busy city! I’m pretty fearless and have seen soooooo many new things! But I’m more interested in those squirrely things! Or chickens! Why not? There is chicken in my food!! I still need some basic leash training but that’s pretty normal.

I currently live with my foster sister and foster parents! My foster sister is an alumni and she told me all about getting a perfect match furever family! This excites me! I play really well with her all day long, until we have to have quiet time. I’ve been barked and growled at by other dogs and I just try and walk away. This girl doesn’t like drama!

Okay, now I have to be honest. I’m not very good at a few things and am trying super hard to learn! I really really like to chew on things! I know I have tons of cool toys and bones, but I can’t help a good smelly shoe! I also am having a little trouble not peeing in the house. My foster family works hard to limit the space I have available to me and I’m constantly monitored for my bathroom break signs.
I do not like the car! I’m a good girl and sit and lay quietly but my tummy is still getting used to it and sometimes I get sick. I get a little nervous going into it because I know what’s to come. I love going on adventures so I still need to go on lots of car trips to train my tummy! And, I don’t like my crate when I first have to go in it! I’m loud and beg you to let me out. I do end up falling asleep and sleep really well through the night.
For a couple of these reasons, it would be best that I don’t live in an apartment building or shared wall home.

Well those little things shouldn’t worry you because I’m already learning so quickly! I know my name! How to shake a paw and I just love love love everyone!!! Santa if you’re listening, we all make mistakes and I’m a really good girl this year! Please send me a furever family!!

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Dear Valued Adopters, Supporters & Donors,

As of July 1, 2023 – Paws of the North Rescue is closing our doors. The past 3.5 years have been so rewarding, challenging and emotional; I wouldn’t change a thing.

I started my rescue involvement 11 years ago, as an Executive Director to a dog rescue in British Columbia. Upon moving back to Ontario, I continued my passion to assist “Northern Dogs” and First Nation Communities – creating Paws of the North.

The amount of support we have received in such a short amount of time has been overwhelmingly wonderful. Our team, Trevor and I could not be more grateful to each and every one of you.

The time has come for us to choose to prioritize our needs and family. We are grateful to be starting this new journey.

Our charitable account is now closed and monies remaining have been issued to Precious Paws Rescue in Barrie – chariatable registration number: 812897668RR0001. Precious Paws Rescue supported us consistently during our community spay/neuter clinics and rehoming program. We appreciate them wanting to continue supporting the north.

Please also consider supporting Project Paws Dog Rescue, who also will continue to support the James Bay coastal communities.

I personally want to thank Halley & Adam Clover and Erin Stewart for their time and dedication as board members. And Meagan Williamson for all her public relations, social media & marketing support. My family for being number one fans.

And my husband Trevor and pack Harper, Jay & Fate – I know there were many difficult days and time lost, I have appreciated every single moment you rode this journey with me. Forever grateful for the support.

Thank you again to this beautiful community we created. I will be forever grateful for your love and support for these beautiful dogs.

Holly Marko
Founder/Executive Director