Please ensure you have read our entire adoption process. We receive lots of applications per puppy and with a small VOLUNTARY team we are only capable of so much. We will ONLY be responding to applications that have been approved. If you are interested please send in application, not an email.

8 weeks old | HUSKY X
Dogs – OK | Cats – OK | Kids – over 7 yrs old

The Christmas Squad is here! To spread some Holiday Cheer! , and we are excited to make our debut and find our furever families! We’re a sweet, fun loving bunch, who love snuggles! Our mama Noël is smaller size gal, but we don’t know who are dad is, so who knows how big we will grow!

Our foster pack consists of dogs, cats and a big rabbit! So far we are very respectful of everyone but training is always required! We are working on our bathroom business. We are still very young so mistakes happen, but we are smart, so it won’t take us too long to master this!
We sleep in our crate at night, and have some quiet time during the day! We know our furever families are going to be excited to have us but giving us time by ourselves is good too so we become independent and not get upset when they leave.
We don’t really know about this leash and collar thing! We are a little sucky when it comes to the winter snow, but are starting to see the fun in it when we watch our mama and foster siblings!

Now here is a little a bit about each of us!

TINSEL (Female) – I’m the leader of my squad! Fearless is my middle name! Or maybe it’s adventure? I dunno I just love to try new things and show my squad how it’s done! But I’m a super sweet girl!

PINE (Male) – Just call me the snuggle bug! I’m a little shy and need some help building my confidence. I would rather watch Tinsel try the new things first.

WINTER (Male) -I might be small, but boy am I mighty! I can run super fast! I always have races with my sister North! Then I get really tired and want to cuddle.

NORTH (Female) – I let Winter beat me! But yes I love to adventure and run with my squad. I also love the mud! Who knew getting dirty could be so fun! I really love when my foster mama cuddles me on her lap!

GINGERBREAD (Female) – I got it from my mama! Yup that’s right, I’m a mamas girl! I’m sweet and gentle and just want to be a good little girl!

SUGARPLUM (Female) – well some could say Im the curious one! I love to stir up some fun with my sister Mistletoe. She is my partner in crime for adventure and snuggling!

MISTLETOE (Female) – this cute little gal is a fun loving pup! My sister Sugarplum and I love to follow Tinsel and see what she’ll teach us next! I really like cuddling with my siblings and my foster mama!

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Dear Valued Adopters, Supporters & Donors,

As of July 1, 2023 – Paws of the North Rescue is closing our doors. The past 3.5 years have been so rewarding, challenging and emotional; I wouldn’t change a thing.

I started my rescue involvement 11 years ago, as an Executive Director to a dog rescue in British Columbia. Upon moving back to Ontario, I continued my passion to assist “Northern Dogs” and First Nation Communities – creating Paws of the North.

The amount of support we have received in such a short amount of time has been overwhelmingly wonderful. Our team, Trevor and I could not be more grateful to each and every one of you.

The time has come for us to choose to prioritize our needs and family. We are grateful to be starting this new journey.

Our charitable account is now closed and monies remaining have been issued to Precious Paws Rescue in Barrie – chariatable registration number: 812897668RR0001. Precious Paws Rescue supported us consistently during our community spay/neuter clinics and rehoming program. We appreciate them wanting to continue supporting the north.

Please also consider supporting Project Paws Dog Rescue, who also will continue to support the James Bay coastal communities.

I personally want to thank Halley & Adam Clover and Erin Stewart for their time and dedication as board members. And Meagan Williamson for all her public relations, social media & marketing support. My family for being number one fans.

And my husband Trevor and pack Harper, Jay & Fate – I know there were many difficult days and time lost, I have appreciated every single moment you rode this journey with me. Forever grateful for the support.

Thank you again to this beautiful community we created. I will be forever grateful for your love and support for these beautiful dogs.

Holly Marko
Founder/Executive Director