~5 years old | HUSKY X | MALE (~110 lbs)
(Dogs – OK | Cats – UNKNOWN | Kids – OK)

Hello everyone! My name is Timber, Tim for short and I am a big, beautiful, cuddly dude! I can’t wait to find my furever family, this being loved and taken care of thing is really working out for me!

I am hoping for a family that is very active. My favourite activities are long walks, running and SWIMMING! The water is my favourite place to hang out, I’m a great swimmer. My foster mama says I need a minimum of 2 one-hour walks or runs a day to help me rest. I am very good on leash and am patient when my harness or collar are put on and when leaving the house. Squirrels really get me excited because they are so fun to chase! My new family will need to work on my leash manners when it comes to little critters crossing the road. Where I came from, I was able to wander wherever I wanted. I know this is not ok now and a fenced in yard would be a very helpful reminder. If I don’t get my exercise, I will be sure to use my lovely singing voice to let you know I need to go out.

Speaking of my singing voice, I have chats with my foster sister, she’s a husky too. It is calming for me when humans speaking to me too, especially when I am being brushed (which I love!). My foster sister and I are great day time nappers and play together often. I am curious and gentle with other dogs and even share my bones without any problems. I like my food and eat twice a day. I am calm at mealtime and prefer to lay down to eat. When my foster family eats, I have no interest in begging for their food.

Sleeping in my crate took some getting used to but I will sleep in there every night. I make big circles before bedtime so I will need a jumbo crate to help me feel settled. I don’t ever do my business inside the house, that would be yucky!

Car rides are always fun. I am a happy camper to ride in the trunk, or back seat. The window down is always the best but not something I require. I also need to be tied up in the car to ensure I don’t jump out too soon as I get excited for my next adventure.

Big and little humans are fun! They like to pet and comb me. I never jump up and am always soft when I taking treats.

I went for a visit to see my doctor the other week and she told me I have a hurt tooth. It’s one of my big teeth too! It hasn’t bothered me too much but my doctor said it must come out and is going to be a very big surgery, because hey, I’m a big guy. Don’t worry though my rescue pack is making sure this happens for me!

I can’t wait to find out who my new family will be! Don’t let my size intimidate you, I’m nothing but a big, fluffy, love muffin!

*Timber’s surgery is booked for November 4 and will be taking place with our rescue’s surgeon Dr. Jason McLeod at Huntsville Animal Hospital. This is non-negotiable in the adoption contract, as the surgery will be paid for by the rescue. Any veterinary care outside of the surgery will be up to the adopters, post adoption.