We rely on the support of our communities to help those in need.

Our sponsorship program allows businesses to give back to our initiatives and marketing opportunities through our many platforms and database.

Paws of the North Rescue is one of our favourite local causes. Whether you’re a business or individual, you can see the return on your contribution almost instantaneously - a rare occurrence in charitable giving. I love that Paws’ overhead is low, meaning most of your contribution is going straight to the dogs who need it.
Hueys Muskoka


Helping our most critical cases and veterinary care.

2022 Top Dogs:



Info about your business and how you support Paws Of The North Rescue


Assisting us with day to day veterinary care and supplying our Northern partners.

2020 Wonder Dogs:

Bullock’s Independent Grocers

Proudly serving Muskoka with one-stop shopping experience – groceries, Joe Fresh, home & decor, wine rack and gas bar.

The Bullock’s are heavily involved in community support. They have assisted our initiatives with sponsorship and donating dog treats for our foster kits.


Supporting our efforts with supplies, services and funding our travel & food initiatives.

2020 Community Pack:

Bracebridge & Huntsville Animal Hospital

Our dogs’ health care is one of our top priorities. Bracebridge Animal Hospital assists us with full vetting for all of our dogs, including; routine vaccinations, spay and neuter procedures and more complicated critical care cases. We love that they treat each animal as if they were their own family pet.

Like us, they practice respect, courtesy, empathy and responsibility on a daily basis. It is these characteristics that set them apart from other clinics, and we are proud to partner with them and welcome them into our Community Pack!

Canvas Brewing Co.

Huntsville’s Hometown Craft Beer! Canvas has been a great supporter of POTN from charity taps to trivia nights! Our partnership will continue into 2021 with some exciting ventures to come! The brewery not only has a gorgeous tap room, but event center, lower & rooftop patio. It’s a Muskoka must-see & sip!

Bone & Arrow

$1 from every sale goes towards our rescue. Bone & Arrow is a Muskoka-based business offering handmade products for pet owners who appreciate fashionable, sustainable and environmentally conscious pet accessories. Bone & Arrow products provide a distinct contrast to the commonly prevalent, poor quality and easily disposable fast fashion fads.

Award-winning brewery located in Gravenhurst, Muskoka, Sawdust City has been supportive of our dogs from day one. Hosting our first “Paws N Pints – Meet & Greet” to being the exclusive rescue of DOGtober, we are grateful for their partnership, and look forward to 2021! They even have a dog friendly patio & saloon!

SG Supply Crew

Every dog that comes into our care requires a secure collar, and who says they can’t look good wearing these fun patterns! SG Supply custom makes all different sized collars for our dogs. All their collars are sewn and handmade from Canadian materials.

Reflections of Muskoka

Reflections of Muskoka, located in historic downtown Huntsville, is the exclusive shop to find our RESCUEWEAR! Voluntarily sold, with all proceeds going towards our dogs and initiatives. The beautiful 5000sq ft store offers clothing and footwear for the whole family. It is exclusive to Roots & Hatley’s in Muskoka! 

Lake of Bays Brewing Co.

Proudly serving the Muskoka area for 10 years, Lake of Bay Brewing added the Paws of the North charity tap this past late fall in their brewhouses located in Huntsville & Bracebridge. Enjoy their line up of great beers & delicious food! Check out the original brewery located in Baysville.


Barristers & Solicitors

Claire & Lauren Doughty have contributed a food sponsorship for 2020. Their firm, Doughty & Doughty Barristers & Solicitors proudly opened its doors in 2018 and is located in the heart of historic downtown Huntsville, Ontario. Doughty & Doughty currently provides real estate, will & estates, family law and notary services in Muskoka and the surrounding area. We are proud to have Doughty & Doughty as part of our Community Pack!


MBRP has supported us by donating to our dogs’ food supply.
MBRP has been committed to manufacturing quality performance exhaust products since 1996, and is a leading manufacturer of exhaust parts in North America. Having earned many industry awards for innovation and engineering design, MBRP has a high standard of excellence and prioritizes personal customer service. A long standing Huntsville-based business, MBRP takes pride in giving back to its local community and we are grateful for their contribution.

North 40 Paws

North 40 Paws, supplying your dog with latest and greatest outdoor and travel gear for the adventurous family. New to pack, they will be giving a portion of their profits to our dogs & initiatives. 



Paws of the North will never turn away a sick dog. Many of our dogs arrive in critical condition; malnourished, injured. Often with demodectic mange or other potentially fatal infections. Critical care costs are our greatest expense. Your donation will fund a substantial vet bill and prescribed medications for one of our critical care dogs.


Upon arrival, our adult dogs require the medical attention they ought to have received earlier in life. This may include wellness checks, vaccinations, examinations, spay & neuter, heartworm & tick prevention medication.

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We care about assisting northern communities with underlying issues that cause dogs to require relocation, in addition to re-homing dogs.

We also prioritize sending support directly to the northern communities who need it. This includes organizing and running free spay & neuter clinics, to reduce the number of dogs in need.

In the meantime, we are sending food and other supplies to remote communities. Your donation will help us send those supplies to the dogs who need it most.


When puppies come into our care, they will each need a full examination, vaccinations, parasite treatments, and other veterinary work before they are homed.

Your donation will help fund vet bills for one of our puppies.

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Travel is one of our most costly expenses. It takes many team players and a great sum of financial resources to get our dogs here from the far north. Your contribution will help with air travel, gas mileage and travel crates.


Many of our dogs arrive severely malnourished and in need of quality nutrition. Paws of the North is working hard to secure a food sponsor. In the interim, we have many dogs to feed. Your donation will be used to buy food for the dogs currently in our care.

PARTNERSHIPS – Supplies & Services

We are always looking to work with keen local businesses that may be able to offer services or supplies that will assist our initiatives. (Ex. Grooming, cleaning supplies etc.)

How We Say Thanks


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Dear Valued Adopters, Supporters & Donors,

As of July 1, 2023 – Paws of the North Rescue is closing our doors. The past 3.5 years have been so rewarding, challenging and emotional; I wouldn’t change a thing.

I started my rescue involvement 11 years ago, as an Executive Director to a dog rescue in British Columbia. Upon moving back to Ontario, I continued my passion to assist “Northern Dogs” and First Nation Communities – creating Paws of the North.

The amount of support we have received in such a short amount of time has been overwhelmingly wonderful. Our team, Trevor and I could not be more grateful to each and every one of you.

The time has come for us to choose to prioritize our needs and family. We are grateful to be starting this new journey.

Our charitable account is now closed and monies remaining have been issued to Precious Paws Rescue in Barrie – chariatable registration number: 812897668RR0001. Precious Paws Rescue supported us consistently during our community spay/neuter clinics and rehoming program. We appreciate them wanting to continue supporting the north.

Please also consider supporting Project Paws Dog Rescue, who also will continue to support the James Bay coastal communities.

I personally want to thank Halley & Adam Clover and Erin Stewart for their time and dedication as board members. And Meagan Williamson for all her public relations, social media & marketing support. My family for being number one fans.

And my husband Trevor and pack Harper, Jay & Fate – I know there were many difficult days and time lost, I have appreciated every single moment you rode this journey with me. Forever grateful for the support.

Thank you again to this beautiful community we created. I will be forever grateful for your love and support for these beautiful dogs.

Holly Marko
Founder/Executive Director