Paws of the North will never turn away a sick dog. Many of our dogs arrive in critical condition; malnourished, injured. Often with demodectic mange or other potentially fatal infections. Critical care costs are our greatest expense. Your donation will fund a substantial vet bill and prescribed medications for one of our critical care dogs.


Upon arrival, our adult dogs require the medical attention they ought to have received earlier in life. This may include wellness checks, vaccinations, examinations, spay & neuter, heartworm & tick prevention medication.


  • We would love to visit your business to say thanks, along with some of our rescue dogs! Not only will it be good for office morale, but a visit from us will showcase your community service to both your customers and staff. A visit from us also provides an excellent opportunity to photograph content for your social media.
  • Your brand will gain exposure on our website (see below). We will provide a hyperlink from your logo directing our web traffic directly to yours.
  • You will receive a dedicated feature on our social media accounts, which will direct web traffic to your business’s social media accounts.
  • Your brand will receive “Pack Member” cling decals for your storefront or vehicle windows.
  • When our fundraising events resume, we will reach out to your business first with any event sponsorship and/or supplier opportunities.
  • Depending on the nature of your business, we may be able to offer a coupon code as thank-you to our adoptive and foster families, as an incentive for them to visit your business.
  • Your logo will be featured in our Foster & Adoption print materials.
  • If you’d like to advertise in our 2021 Annual Rescue Calendar, the advertising fees will be waived.


Your business info here & how you support us.


Your business info here & how you support us.


Your business info here & how you support us.

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Paws of the North Rescue Adoption Application

Adopting a dog is lifetime commitment that our team ensures that all responsibility and understanding of what is involved is taken into consideration prior to an adoption being approved.

Please answer ALL QUESTIONS with all requested information. We will NOT process an application we feel is not filled out adequately or has left some questions unanswered.

* all information provided is kept in strict privacy; must be 18 years or older