Sending holiday love to dogs and their families on the James Bay Coast

Thank you!!!

We have all the donation boxes ready to send north.

We need your help to get the boxes to the families.

You can still donate for a “Virtual box” and funds for transportation to the four remote communities

Inspired by the idea of kin - dogs play an important role in First Nations communities.

This holiday season, basic necessities and gifts are more expensive than ever in communities on the James Bay Coast.

You can help by creating a box or bag of gifts that will be sent to a family with a dog!


Using a clean re-useable bag or shoebox, you can create a bundle of joy for a family this reason.

Shoebox gift boxes or bags are created and collected at three checkpoints (Huntsville, Bracebridge or South Etobicoke).

If you are not close to these locations but wish to gift a box or bag, we suggest you donate towards a virtual box. We will create a box sponsored by your gift and ensure it is delivered to a dog and their family. 

We ask donors to fill a standard-sized shoebox or clean re-useable bag with approximately $50 worth of gifts and essentials that a dog and their family members might enjoy.

Our volunteer team will arrange transportation to Timmins. From Timmins, the gifts will be flown to the remote communities of the James Bay Coast. 

The gifts will be received by a community contact serving and working with the families directly. 

Select a clean re-useable bag or shoebox


All items must be new and sealed. Items will be inspected for safety and ensuring they are appropriate for each family. Do not include bows or ribbons on the exterior as they may fall off in transit. 


Fill your shoebox or bag with gifts of appreciation, basic necessities and requested items


Each bag or shoebox should be valued at approximately $50. 

Example generic items that would be suitable for your gift bag/box:


  • Pet brush, nail clippers, small toy and treat (ones that both dog and cats eat like Benny Bully)


  • Pens, small toys/puzzles, tooth brushes, hair brush and ties, pencil case, books, deodorant, socks, sticker book 


  • Maxi pads/feminine hygiene items, deodorant, tooth & hair brushes, adult puzzles, socks, toque, warm gloves

Some information will be gathered to help inform you in terms of number of people, pets and approximate ages to help donors customize their gifts. 

We ask that you do not include items that are used, sized clothing, makeup or beauty products for a specific skin ton or colour, razors or items that could be sharp, perfume or heavily scented items or unpackaged items. 

You may include a special note to the family and their pets. Please keep in mind that we want this to be positive, light and demonstrate kindness and appreciation. 



Drop off your box or bag to a designed drop location 

Muskoka Location: Canvas Brewery – 12 John St, Huntsville, ON P1H 1H2

Toronto/GTA location: please email for information –

The due date for all boxes and bags to be completed is Monday, December 12th, 2022.

We ask that these items to ready to go as we have to  transport them by vehicle to Timmins then cargo ship them to the Coast. 



This is our first year running this initiative & we have high hopes we can put a smile on many families faces with YOUR help. We are relying on YOU – our rescue community – to help the dogs of the James Bay Coast. Healthy families, healthy dogs! 

Ways you can help us that cost you nothing but can have a tremendous impact on helping spread our message:
  • Send an email to your friends and family and see if anyone wants to join you in creating a box or bag
  • Share the initiative to your Facebook or Instagram account (please tag us so we can share as well!)
  • Ask work colleagues if they would like to sponsor a group of boxes together

Share to socials:


And finally, if are not able to make a box or bag yourself to send North, please consider sponsoring a virtual shoebox or holiday bag.

A team member will buy supplies on your behalf and send them North. 

This is a wonderful way for you to have an impact on a family’s holiday this year. It’s been a tough year for many – and we appreciate your support! 

Initiative contact and/or if you have questions:

Deadline: December 12th, 2022

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